Plant A Tree Program 

Plant A Tree Program - The ECO Line
When you purchase rolls from our ECO Line, you will plant a tree. A donation will be made to American Forests for their mission to protect and restore forest, helping to preserve the health of our planet for the benefit of its inhabitants.

Every time a tree is planted, our environment improves.

American Forest has a goal of 100 million trees planted by 2020. We are proud to be a part of growing a healthier world with trees.

For every three trees planted, roughly one ton of carbon will be sequestered, allowing for over 1,666 tons of CO2 to be taken out of the atmosphere overall, and every acre of trees planted (approx. 340-490 trees) by the Series will offset about the amount of CO2 produced by driving a car 26,000 miles, or about twice the amount the average driver drives per year.
140 Years of protecting & restoring forest - American Forests Small Business Partner